Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Russian Esquire August 09

Russian Esquire called a few months back looking to access images from The Nerd Convention for use in a story with the working title of "The Future". Just got the issue today with this minimalistic layout resembling something like the Weekly Newsletter my Dad would bring home every friday when he worked at General Electric.


Darrell Eager said...

Did they give you a translation of the article?
Did they pay a reasonable fee or third world?
The layout looks very early Wired.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi DE-
The fees were typical for US...I've done stuff with them a few times in the past- the ran a Sex Machine book excerpt and they had me judge a photo contest and write about it...so for some reason they know where to find me.

Previous issues I've seen have always had GREAT design. This was obviously trying to look with graphs and diagrams like some type of inter-office newsletter...they had pages and pages of this. Of course, I can read none of it.

You can buy a subscription thru Amazon...curiously enough.