Sunday, August 9, 2009

Everybody Else : The Winner!

Photographer Dan Connolly is the winner of the first annual Everybody Else Week competition!
Connolly submitted a selection of 3 images from an untitled series he is doing on his daughter Grace. He and Grace share that parent/child telepathy I always hope for my images to have. Looking through various portraits on DC's website you are always stopped in your tracks when a portrait of Grace appears in the mix. She delivers the power in the portrait and it really feels like Dan simply shows up to catch it on film. What more could one want?

DC offers this up:
You didn’t ask for an elaboration or statement, so I’ll leave it for now.
Suffice to say she’s 9 and there is precious little time left before she’s not.
See more of Dan's work HERE.

all photographs copyright Dan Connolly.


Marge Rock said...

Awesome images.....

Anonymous said...

Amazing - she is a force of her own, what a smart photographer to capture her spirit as he does!