Friday, August 7, 2009

Everybody Else : Warren Harold

Warren Harold's project Alternating Weekends was something that resonated with me the first time I saw it. I had the feeling of recognition that occurs when someone is successfully doing what I was aspiring to do : his photographs were not of his kid, they were about the relationship with his kid. How do you photograph a relationship? It can't be taught, but you know it when you see it. Viewing Alternating Weekends you see it.

Here is his statement:
Being a child of divorce, my first and foremost concern when my wife and I separated in the fall of 2003 was my 3 year old son. As life moved forward and the divorce was finalized, I found myself almost 60 miles away from him. I make the three hour roundtrip at least twice a week to pick him up for alternating weekends. I've since remarried, and so has his mother.
Although completely different circumstances prevail, I can't help but compare and contrast my son's situation and environment to mine at that age. My mother was in the middle of an ugly divorce with my absentee father, and I had no male role model to speak of. My son has two. My dad would leave my brother and me alone on the intermittent weekends we would be with him. I struggle to find a balance with our time as a family for those bi-weekly 48 hours. And when he's not with us, we have our daily phone calls to catch up on the day's events.
Spending as much time with him as I can and making the most of that time is natural and a critical part of every day. I don't do it to compensate for my father's mistakes, but I see more clearly what I missed and I swear to myself that I will never let him feel that vacuum.

See his work HERE.

all photographs by Warren Harold from Alternating Weekends.


Suzanne Révy said...

Wow.. excellent work, thanks for sharing it.

Jen said...

Love this series! Great feature!

Carolyn said...

What an incredibly joyous yet heartbreaking series of photographs. Thank you for highlighting this!