Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Last Day Of Summer

Last day of summer yesterday, first day of school today.
Let's see...what to say? Packing up to work on a story in Texas that I pitched from a variety of angles to a magazine over the past few months...something I've been describing as real life science fiction. Well, I guess it's not fiction if I'm going to photograph it....but it may be fantastic.
I guess it better be interesting seeing that I promised the editors it would be so rich. So...the pressure is on.
The magazine is essentially trusting me to go down and come back with a story. The photo editor was a strong advocate for the project...really none of this could fly without her efforts. That feels great, but I was a little shakey on how to approach it. After talking it over with a friend she gave advice: Oh...this is your story : just you, your camera gear, and a tape recorder. I think thats all you need.

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