Sunday, September 23, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007


I'm home for 5 days for a break in the midst of this great commercial project that is happily inhabiting all of September. We are on a break, swapping out Art Directors, being rejoined by producer Kara Snider. After she kicked major ass across middle America, we let The T Is Silent leave on an art-making sabbatical, to be replaced by Suzy Poling, just home from making art in the UK. Tuesday we all fly to Miami to start again...what glamorous lives we lead! Not really, but it sounds great on paper. Shooting the whole job with natural light, a control panel, and a hand held camera...have not broken a tripod out yet. Really the most un-commercial commercial job I've ever been involved is such a great time, lots of work for sure, but the freedom of the job is lost on no one.
It's kind of tricky to switch gears from days in which my only obligation is to take photographs and stick a fork with food in my mouth, to these days at home that involve waking up with the kids, getting them what they need emotionally and physically, having a relationship with Cheri, with the kids, and dealing with all the real relationships that exist outside of the bubble of the long, on-the-road photo shoot. Its an adjustment, and I find myself anxious for the simplicity of the photo shoot: someone is there to work out the details, food is always around, the subjects are new and we are all fascinated with each other....we are all in love with each other for the bubble of the shoot, and then it's time to go. Then home, the adjustment starts. It takes a few days home for the pleasures and satisfactions of all the rich stuff, the complex emotions that are what home is about to really sink in.
No pics from the project, but here is a piece about my own home I put together this morning, above.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quiet Blog

Unfortunately, no sneak peeks from the current project I'm working on throughout September.
We just need to be below the radar for a while. It may be quiet here for a while, but I'll be back with good stuff, I promise.

Today I did get a chance to witness my son losing his front tooth, below: