Monday, April 13, 2015

Again I Formed Whole / Patrick Mahoney

The most compelling story of the year landed on my plate during the first week of 2015.

Patrick Mahoney's story of a bike accident, brain damage and poetry will resonate with anyone who has peaked over the edge of their own mortality. A day of photographic collaboration staged in a reborn Berkeley house yielded so many life lessons I'm not sure how to spell it all out sufficiently, so I'll simply share a poem written by Patrick titled "Heaven".


Where I want to be
until I find out

I’m already there.
This world beyond

is inside the wool
sweater my mother knit,

behind these eyes
my fingertips touch

each morning. I live outside
lands long settled and embrace

minutia—I smell the coffee
ground, then taste it brewed.

I feel the dirt road with my feet
through my black faded Chucks.

The end of the road
goes well beyond sight.

So I turn on tips of toes
and I am breathing deeply—

the air, tasting of oak-moss,
my eyes—still closed.

Read Patrick's story "Again I Formed Whole" written by Kara Peters HERE.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Game of Thrones / The Fans

A chilly San Francisco evening with beautiful light. We had cameras. We had ipods with audio recording apps.
There to meet the fans of Game of Thrones, a super popular HBO television series I know nothing at all about. And sometimes, of course, it's better that way. :)

This all came together for the story "Inside The Uber Geeky Game Of Thrones Season Five Premiere" for Bloomberg Business Week. Read it all HERE.