Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What makes a great photo?

photo by Ahndraya Parlato

Conscientious really has to be the best photo blog happening today. If you don't know what it is, you gotta click over and check it out. If you are into contemporary photography, you will be lost in the archives for a day, easily. Joerg Colberg runs the blog and he's really a totally insatiable photo fanatic. A few weeks back he posed the question to myself and others " What makes a photo great?" So simple...yet so complex!

I jumped at the opportunity to write about a photograph that had been on my mind that week, a fascinating photograph by Ahndraya Parlato from her series "Inscapes". I've attached her photo above, but check out what everyone has to say about "What makes a great photo" on the Conscientious site HERE.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Out Takes: Shenandoah, Iowa

Just some out takes from a day we spent with 16 year old Krystal Lehman in Shenandoah, Iowa. Krystal proudly wore black nail polish for the photo shoot that took place in her Grandmother's home.

Originally shot for photo editor Paul Moakley at Newsweek Magazine.

My Vision Exhibition, Zephyr Mannheim Gallery

Oh, I must plug this fascinating exhibition I was invited to participate in. It was curated by Art Historian Thomas Schirmboeck and its up right now at Zephyr Mannheim Gallery in Mannheim, Germany. It's a massive show with 20 artists from around the world. 18 large prints from my "Sex Machine" project are included...its the largest showing of that project to date.

What's the show about? In the gallery's words:

"My Vision" shows current works of twenty international artists focusing on the subject of visions of the future. "My Vision" presents personal visions, involving the artists' perception of reality, on which they base their imagination of an expected future.

Got that? None the less, Thomas has put together a real interesting exhibition and a super multi media catalogue for the show. Word has it that 1/3 of the audience is disapproving of the Sex Machine project, the other 2/3 seems to approve of it, dig it, and get what it is all about. Not that different from the reception its' gotten here in the US.

See a hint of the show at the link below, or buy the beautiful catalogue here.

March 2007

It's a super rich time in the history of photography to be living and working. So much great work all around us right now, I thought this blog would be a good thing to start up. is where we are going to share new work by me as well as show off great work by photographers I totally dig...or find curious...or just want to point you to. Sound good?

photo by sarah small

This week I've been totally fascinated by the work of NY photographer Sarah Small, ( ). It's curious, its scary and sometimes it is just really beautifull. Check out her site and don't miss the shot of the bloody lawn chair. It is terrifying and still really touching.