Thursday, March 5, 2009

Saving The World

Rebecca Horne, exhibiting artist and photo editor of Discover Magazine fled NYC just before a snowstorm hit and made it out to rainy SF to put together the portrait series we were producing for The Conference on Climate Change. Always a little nervous in these situations...I mean...on the phone stylist Shannon Amos and I can talk a pretty good game....we sound like nice normal folk. When the client is on another coast, it's a piece of cake. But when they come to meet us and the dream team of Khalif, Poling, Sjoen...surprise! It's like art school all over again. Khalif and Poling are artists living the life 24/7, Sjoen is the last living Marilyn Manson fan, and Amos? When they see her pull in hauling slabs of ice and fake rocks dressed like the Unabomber with her mirror sunglasses on...oh, well....she always seems to charm them all of them do. And again I'm reminded how fortunate I am to be able to work with them all: we get together and they just do their thing....all I do is ask them to show up and press the button.

Just watch the video and see.

More pics of all of the fun below....

Rebecca Horne of Discover Magazine watching from the prism.

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This is the Darfur of blog posts.