Friday, March 20, 2009

Richard Morgenstein Exhibits In S.F. Mansion

I guess I was expecting white walls and glass. Maybe some wine and a cracker or two.
The invitation looked traditional enough. Paige Gallery which represents Richard Morgenstein's work chose to stock a 25 million dollar S.F. mansion on Scott Street with giant prints from R.M.'s personal projects, as well as the work of fine artists Susan Green and Julie Green. OMG, this is how the other half of the other half lives. This is way over on the other side of the tracks. Who expected this?
I would have invited my Mom to come out of I knew this would be part home tour part art experience. And then...the roof top lounge area....I dunno what to say. Enjoy:

Captions, top to bottom:
photographer Richard Morgenstein, a detail from the Paintball series, the main wall, the rooftop lounge.

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Anonymous said...

Not knowing what prices the artists are asking for their work allow me to speculate. The gallery/mansion isn't depending upon any sales to keep the operation going. So what is the value proposition here? Again, speculation. The owners needed an outreach program to a different class of people to visit them, but not just anybody, they wanted the blessings of the art crowd--erudite down and outers with a fondness for posturing. Secondarily, Mr. Morgenstein allowed access to the images of those who wouldn't be on the invitation list owing to their social status. For that he is to be accorded humanitarian of the year.