Thursday, March 5, 2009

Back To The Book

So....I'm trying to make sense of all of this Echolilia stuff and look at it in book form. Thanks to everyone who is throwing out their ideas. Some of which are here:

JJS: ... go with what comes natural and be sure to explore your own awkward feelings that come up.

EF: This seems like a project that as you say will never have an end point, it will just change and grow, and so I could see there being another book down the road that shows the next chapter.

SA: You might as well ask if you can make a book about one street, one town, one junkie, one emotion; if the work is good and well and honest, reflects many aspects, touches at least some others, teaches some others, provokes stimulates and questions ideas, has an opinion and some humility then it will work and the rest are the details.

TB: The spreads need to speak to the subconcious. You can't make literal connections. Put them together and see what your brain gets a hit off of.

And then CP wants me to make it out of yarn and thread and get out my knitting needles.

Well...I asked, didn't I?

To me, this isn't a project that will go on through out the kid's life. It's not about his life, him doing things. It's about something seeing thru his bent lens, getting into that headspace and dealing with it from the inside and outside or something like that. Either way it has led to an interesting way to make new images. Sitting down with the project with E.N. the other day, she tried to break it down:

It looks like you are trying to see the world the way he sees this unique way that is natural to him but new to you...and trying to make sense of it. You've got the shots you do together of him, you've got the scans which are your voice, trying to make sense of everything, and need to give him a voice. You've hinted at that with text, but I think that is the missing link...more text, in his voice, verbatim from his mouth....leave out your filter. That may be the thing you need.

Here are more spreads we're playing with:


Maia said...

those are stunning. I'm partial to the table and toy, though I'm drawn to the boy, its just the piece beside it seems to take away from it.

iain said...

Perhaps E.N. is right. View the project as collaborative, relinquish a little control, let the subject exert some influence...