Thursday, March 26, 2009

First We Take Manhattan

San Francisco based photographer Emily Nathan drops the commercial photography neutron bomb and signs a contract with photo agency titans Bernstein and Andriulli!
Nathan and I crossed paths in 1998. She was the first assistant I ever worked with on a regular enough basis to form the psychic bond that sometimes happens in these situations. That period taught me that this photographer/assistant relationship could be a two way street: it was an opportunity for both of us to learn from each other. You spend so much time both need to get something from the process. You have the potential to open each other's eyes. This situation allowed me to create a model that I've tried to have with everyone I've worked with on a regular basis: I want to have someone with me who would bring something special to the table, even if they often times don't know what that is...even if it is really just who they are. She brought that to my work and brings it to every photograph she creates.
Here are excerpts from Nathan's recent personal series, titled "Fairy Tales".
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See her site HERE.
See Emily's page at Bernstein and Andriulli HERE.
all photographs copyright emily nathan


ami_n said...

Very nice work by Emily Nathan, Timothy.
Just because this is about the photographer/assistant relationship, someone told me you only hire women as assistants and crew. Can I ask why and is this true?

Timothy Archibald said...

Oh...I dunno. I guess it is true, but it has just worked out that way. Maybe I get along with them better in the work situation or something. I dunno...I don't think its a big deal.