Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pseudoephedrine Pattern

The first pseudoephedrine tablet of the season brings you everything. You can see thru walls, easily close the sale and just truly enjoy the sun, the power chords of the music, your all seems so easy and so approachable. Your wife is your best friend. Your friends are your support one is annoying, no one is a negative energy drain. It is power and it is happiness, and it takes away your stuffy nose. I swallowed that and a cup of coffee. Eli is eating breakfast and talking. I sit at the table and listen :
The BART train that we took to Milbrae was the 10:14 train. While we were waiting, there was another train that came into the you recall? Now do you think that was outbound or inbound? I think it was a Richmond bound train, but it did say it was on the Yellow line. Which was the endbound bus that connected? Was it 77? I think it was 77 or 74. If it was the 74 line, that is the one that we can take to connect to the Caltrain system and we got the 23rd street line, and that is an 11:49 arriving bus. Four car train for San Francisco now approaching platform four. Bvvvvvvvvv! That was the Caltrain line, thats what it sounds like. You know what is funny? There isn't really a color line for the Richmond to Milbrae line. It is a train, but it doesn't have a color. It is not even listed on my map. Richmond to Daly City is Red. Millbrae to SFO does not exisit anymore, its not on the new map or on the maps on the train, but it is on a Fares and Schedules map that I used to have. The green train is Daly City to Fremont. The orange train is Fremont to Richmond. Pittsburg Bay point to SFO is Yellow.
A friend from high school was catching up with me, telling me about her daughters, how they remind her so much of herself. I explained to her that I really never see myself in is like he is from Mars or something. He looks like my wife and I, but he just so clearly is wired in his own way. I tell her this and she responds with an answer that seems to make sense:
You always were attracted to that which was different...don't you think Eli came to you like this for a reason?


Darrell Eager said...

What a wonderful thing to say.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that was Sudafed?

Timothy Archibald said...

Yah, I'm sure. It's the first tablet of the year that does all of that to you...the subsequent doses simply seem to clear up a stuffy nose, no other side effects.

bird. said...

Dude, I need your pseudoephedrine dealer. Mine just makes me cracked out... like crack, or something. I hate it.

I bet Phelps doesn't have that problem.