Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Everybody Else : Kalina Magazine

Brooklyn based photographer Noah Kalina launches Kalina Magazine.

Kalina got Internet famous/artworld famous with Everyday, a project of such epic proportions and simple execution that it really couldn't be ignored. And of course it wasn't. Kalina dropped me a note last year:
To this day I still get 2-3 emails from people telling me how much of a profound impact 'everyday' the video has had on them. As much as I love it, I fear that it is the only thing I will ever be known for. When I complained about that to a friend once, they said, 'at least you are known for something'. I got even more depressed.

Now out and available for purchase is Kalina Magazine.

Volume One is titled "Why Won't You Love Me". The magazine is all in B&W. The photographs don't even look like his...they have the author-less feeling of stock photography. Here is a pretty woman, in her twenties. Cute in a real healthy type of way, sharing an easy laugh and a smile with the photographer. She likes him, trusts him, they're all in this moment together. At first it looks like the photographer is looking at his girlfriend, trying to capture her smile, her laugh and all these things he adores. The viewer is waiting for them to connect...for her to share something with him, some intimate insider smirk or smile. Years go on, time progresses. She looks a little older. The relationship never changes, it never gets intimate. Here she is, image after image, looking like the photographs that come included in a frame when you buy the frame at the store.

I'm all into trying to photograph a relationship...that's what I'm wrestling with in Echolilia. Kalina has kind of done it in a high concept type of way. This is the relationship you want to go further, the friend you want to get to know better, deeper, but it just never gets past the surface. By the end of the magazine you are frustrated by the relationship he portrays but kind of wowed by the artistic experience you just witnessed. Good stuff. It's a challenging high concept work that reaches far and delivers. It's not really fun to look at ...not at all. It's just so much more cerebral than that.

Buy it HERE

all photographs copyright Noah Kalina


Robbie Mc said...

Thank you for introducing this man's work to me. Some of the most compelling work I've seen in awhile.

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