Thursday, February 26, 2009

Everybody Else : Arthur Tress Bookshop

Legendary photographer and personal inspirator Arthur Tress has embraced BLURB and essentially opened up his own bookstore. Seven new titles of Tress' work are now available.
The range is astounding: early documentary work such as The Disturbed Land, work I've seen previously such as The Presidential Cabinet and new projects such as Wheels On Waves.
Totally exciting to see this artist linking up with the technology and making all of this work available to all of us who have been following his path over the years. I had the good fortune of seeing Tress give a talk about his work and creative process when I was 16 and never really made a photograph the same way again. So many of the shots I've been working on in Echolilia involving my son role playing with an object come directly from the Tress vocabulary and sense of imagination. If ever anyone got into a child's brain and made it tangible, it is Tress.

Visit the Arthur Tress Bookshop HERE.


g said...

I really like the juxtaposition of b&w and color in those skater pics. Never occurred to me you could do that.

DSM III (g.a.e.t.) said...

I met this guy when I was 18 after a year of living with The Dream Collector. We went out to the old TB ward on Blackwell's Island. Changed my life, too.