Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Everybody Else Week Haiku

Photographer escapes life , goes to Yaddo.
Sends forth a silver print with Edgar Allen Poe on it.
He is enjoying himself way too much.


DSM III (g.a.e.t.) said...

Poe was a pedophile and a laudanum addict.

June Walker said...

Poe had a great interest in codes and ciphers and invited readers to send him cryptograms, which he solved with considerable skill. His interest led to a remarkable outcome through William Friedman, who became America's greatest cryptologist.

Friedman first became interested in codes when he read Poe's short story, The Gold Bug, in which ciphers play a part. Friedman later deciphered Japan's Purple Code, an immense windfall for American intelligence during World War II.

Friedman's son, John Friedman, is a longtime friend of Thatchmo & his family.

A few degrees.