Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Anonymous said...

I think this is a striking shot--lonely and distant on the one hand, but comforting in that it also depicts an aloneness that doesn't seem to be striving to be anything but alone. I'm thinking of the whole FB thing which in some ways is the the antithesis to the stillness and aloneness this photo depicts.

colin pantall said...

Different again and settling on something separate to what you have already done. It runs parallel, but is not the same.

Wonderful and lovely, do you have a longing for the beautiful image - a good thing I think, but not compatible with the book-based project you envisage?

Timothy Archibald said...

Interesting comments from both of you. I've started trying to put together a blurb book of the work and it has been a learning experience: you see the holes, the repetition, and ways you kind of repeat yourself within a project when start putting it together.
My first reaction to this shot was that I had this type of shot already...and too many times: My kid, in his room, having some type of psychic connection with an object while he is in the trans like harmony. I have one I like alot of him with a log...and I'm sure there are a few others.
So...I never really thought this was different from the previous stuff, as Colin feels, I thought it might have simply been repetition.
But...this is good dialogue. Colin, why do you think this is different than the others? It's got all the elements stated above...but tell if you have the time.


colin pantall said...

I don't think repetition is always repetition,but maybe that's because I constantly repeat and try to persuade myself that I'm not repeating.

Anyway, why is it different? He looks older for a start, it's a more considered beautiful image and there's a suggestion that maybe a book is not necessarily the way forward. There is this idea of the book being the primary medium of communicating your ideas but it isn't right for all kinds of work - almost any depiction of childhood, ways of thinking, states of consciousness is an example of this.

So perhaps you can have the holes and the repetition, it doesn't matter that much -there are holes in life, there's repetition too and big gaps in understanding. But it doesn't matter because Eli is older and that makes the difference.