Monday, February 23, 2009

Everybody Else Week

Ok, so I'm wrapped up having fun putting together a kind of production heavy shoot for Discover Magazine with stylist Shannon Amos and finishing up a glammy and unexpected portrait series for Kathryn Roach of 7 x 7 Magazine here in SF. I can't share any of this stuff yet, but there is good stuff all around me. So this week will be dedicated to everyone but me. No spam, no weird pics of my kid, no scans of pharmaceuticals...this is the time for sharing!

Everyone already knows about the karmic link between NYC photographer Jonathan Saunders and Ponzi scheme criminal Bernie Madoff by now. If you don't...oh, don't's been covered by no less than The New York Times. You can read about it but the cliff notes essentially states that as Madoff falls Saunders gets exponentially richer and famouser...or more famous. It's about time. One never knows who their fortune will be linked to now, do they?

Read some media frenzy HERE.

Read about it in The New York Times HERE.

See the photograph by Saunders below:

photograph by Jonathan Saunders

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Anonymous said...

Glammy? Must be a set of openers you are working on for their new RollingStone-like format . . .

post here when they're out...?