Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1985 Facebook Time Travel

Lots of postings in the photo blogosphere about the power of Facebook....and I never understood why it merited such attention. TB wrote about it's false optimism here and WTJ wrote about it and embraced it here. To me it just seemed like annoying computer thing to put time into.
Got a bunch of photographs posted on Facebook last week from a friend from 1985 ( some posted above and below) , pics we made together, or were both in, or had relevance to our lives at the time that she saved. It felt like time travel....I had forgotten this chapter, these places, these objects and here they were, in front of me on my computer, silent, made of pixels....and it just seemed like it made life richer. Personal anthropology, the power of the snapshot, and why all of these things are so important. For whatever reason, this upload / download defined the week. Made me want to shoot more snapshots of everyone, shoot more home movies of everything, appreciate everything just as it is.

"Looks like snapshots from a True Crime novel set in a working class town. You'd not be the killer, but the killer's best friend. Everything looks dirty....the curtains, the pillowcases, the i-love-jesus bumper sticker..." a writer friend responded when I sent him the shots. I kind of viewed them the same way, like it wasn't really my life...but memory keeps things warm. It automatically edits out the bad stuff, it edits out the dirt that photographs capture so well.


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful photos! I find snap-shots today don't hold such presence, I wonder if this is because they don't yet have the nostalgia embedded in them, or because we are overloaded with facebook uploads on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Cant decide if its the silver prints, or the appearance of hair on TA ... Either way, very nice.

Anonymous said...



Looks like you could used the boat in the last frame for your car shoot awhile back... the times captured there seem so...



Timothy Archibald said...

Glad you all like the snapshots...I like them too. One of us was studying photography, so the shots did have aspirations to be...oh, i dunno...something more informed than a casual snapshot, you know? And the nostalgia element always makes this stuff seem only see thru 18 year old eyes once.