Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Watching The Sunset


max s. gerber said...

tim! this is awesome, mostly because i looked at it real quick at first and thought to myself "why the hell is archibald taking a picture of a fence?" you don't see eli 'til later.

Ms Frapcious said...

very nice:
perfectly sliced dark wood
to contrast the face,
superkool balance
between the whitespace
and the face,

Timothy Archibald said...

Thank ya Max, glad you like.
I like what it looks like, but I don't think it says anything, you know?
Ms.F- Always nice to respond in Haiku, appreciated.
But does this shot mean anything or just look cool?

Ms Frapcious said...

i think it evokes a feeling more than clarifies a meaning.

it makes me think of Ray Bradbury--but so does everything that's lonely, confining and whispering "missed opportunity".

Anonymous said...

By far the sweetest face on
earth in contrast to the
bland background indicating
the joy of youth. It has that "Hallmark Look" that only a proud father can portray.