Thursday, March 27, 2008



RexFlex said...


Timothy Archibald said...

cool...whats that mean?

Anonymous said...

a sheet of paper.
doesn't content mean anything.
do u even leave the house.
do u take out a camera?

Timothy Archibald said...

oh, yeah, anonymous, i do appreciate the critique, thanks for offering it up.

i don't think its really about leaving the house and finding fascinating subject matter. i think it's about mining the stream of stuff that passes by, and seeing if there is something worthy of inspection, analyzation, and taking stuff out of context, of course.
but if it's seems like a cop out to you, i totally respect that as well. that may be the case, but i guess i kind of think it looks cool.

olivier laude said...

Hey Tim,

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Ms Frapcious said...

kool-looks like the beginning of a paper airplane.
Maybe you could fold it some more and attach one of those teeny-tiny, intestinal seek and destroy surgical cameras to the pointiest fold.
Then you could fly it into a dog fight, or conjoined twin operation, or the set of the Bachelor;
maybe cheer anonymous up.

I'm using my mom's e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I thought I posted a reply to your earlier query. Here goes: When i see one simple word that is used to describe an image, I like to look up that word on Webster's. Then I take the definition split off a couple of main words and then intentionally misspell it. Then Webster's will give me a whole bunch of choices trying to figure out which word I might have wanted. Next I look up those words and keep going until I am satisfied with a reasonable understanding of the original word and all the associations it precipitates. Thus the 3 words I posted. I think subcontrary best explains the image that you presented. How's that? Rex Flex

Timothy Archibald said...

Rex- that is genius. thanks for letting us in on your process.
Ms. Frap- who are you? where do you get these curious concepts you write about?
Olivier- thank you.

Alexandre said...


I am particularly touched by this photo. I see my son there. A project I had a hard time documenting.


Timothy Archibald said...

Thanks Alexander. Nice work you've got going on your son yourself. Glad you found this blog...


Ms Frapcious said...

I just have a strong appreciation for photography. I used to do it when cameras were manual and chemicals were smelly but the digital age scared me away. Photojournalism was always my favorite but recently I've been focusing on those images(moving or still) that capture that eccentric, highly focused moment of personality that reveals a person's belief in non-visual forces. ( I want to say magic but that's not really quite the right word.)

Didi S. said...

What I most enjoy in this photo is the duality of nature exposed through the transparency of life. With creases intact (adding grace and perhaps a seeming blemish, but really ... personality) because nothing is perfect, even a life well-lived.