Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nobody Is Blogging.

Lots of quiet photo blogs, including mine this week....but lots of blogs are sprouting up everywhere, and pretty soon WalMart or Microsoft will control all of these things, so enjoy them while you can. Tidepool Reps have a blog, you can read it HERE. When these reps have a blog, you gotta be carefull you are not being sold something when you log on, but these Tidepool folks are pretty innocent. Take note of the first post, referencing a trip to the zoo.

Then....PhotoShelter, an all powerfull entity that I've never been able to truly understand, has hired Rachel Hulin as a full time photo blogger. I met Rachel when she used to edit all those filthy images at NERVE. Is this the first full-time photo blogger in the history of photography? Notify Beaumont Newhall asap. I think RH is working on something with all of us here at TA ( well, just me ) , so stay tuned to the launch of the Photo Shelter Blog.

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