Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's Going On

So much stuff going on, hard to get it all done...but bunkering down amidst the biblical storms that are hitting the Bay Area make it easy to stay inside and get stuff done. At least as long as kids are at school or at the movies watching 2012 . ( as if! they wish! )
Messing around with shooting a portfolio piece in my office of all places...more on that tommorrow. Or when I get it done...and then excited to be preparing for a group show in March at Videotage Limited in Kowloon, Hong Kong curated by Isaac Leung. More on that as we get closer. We'll show large 40 x 40 images, above and below are some of the contenders.

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Erica Clements, Photographer said...

Found you through American Photography. Your work is stunning!