Friday, January 22, 2010

4 Kino Flos Should Do It, Right?

I just got this issue of INC magazine in the mail today with our story on Yelp.
Travis from INC called, looking for us to put together a photo shoot of 48 people from Yelp to convey this idea that the Yelp critics were everywhere, all among us...they were us.
It's exciting and intense to put together a logistical photo shoot like this. The key is to have a crew experienced in mass hypnosis and mind control: you get there early, set up two sets, one for the cover, one for the big group shot. Light each one, try to humanize yourself to the guys in the shot, shoot the cover, test the light for the group, Amos starts hypnotizing the masses, brings them in and arranges them, massive large scale mind control, shoot the group, shoot the late comers, comp things up, see if it fits, eat food, drink a beer, its a wrap!
For some reason I had it in my head that I'd be able to light the masses in some controlled manner, sculpting them all with Kino Flo's. Stylist Shannon Amos later reported laughter coming from the adjoining studios: Kino Flos? For 48 people? Hahahahahahahaha...
Fortunately someone walked into the studio to say hello and told us how to light this thing. Fenn, Poling, Amos, Sjoen all join forces and made this thing work out...! It's so great to be surrounded by so much talent on all of these shoots.

almost everybody all at once.
Jeremy Stoppelman, easiest guy i ever photographed.


jimgolden said...

I saw this last week when my copy of INC showed up and as wondering how all those people were wrangled...

Unknown said...

Nice stuff TA - big production but it has the right feel. Cheers, -jdl

ThomasBroening said...


Timothy Archibald said...

thanks jdl. oh, btw, we did need to rent every strobe they had in the studio to pull that shot off. fyi.

Darrell Eager said...

What does "every strobe in the studio" mean?
5,10,20? Great job!

Timothy Archibald said...

oh, lets see:
4 strobes lighting the cove, 2 on each side.
4 strobes to camera right, bouncing against a large white panel that was fixed to the ceiling the then tilted down at an angle.
1 strobe to camera left bouncing somewhere.
4 eight foot by 4 tube Kino flo lights: 1 used to augment the lighting on the main two guys, the other three used to light the cover studio set up.

for cover shot there was a 8 x 4 kino to camera right lighting the subject, then another one 10 feet behind the photographer ( me ) working as a fill, then another at camera left at lowest power bouncing on floor providing ambient light.

it was all the crew who knew how to do these things. i just tried to spend time with the subjects to get them to like me and want to listen to me when the time came.

how's that?

Unknown said...

these look great! we had so much fun being a part of it. too bad we (me, hubby & little guy) didn't make the cut.

USDalton said...

Thanks for being so cool. I got a call and ditched work to grab my girls and drive 50 miles to be in the picture. 2 of us made the cut, freckles didn't. We enjoyed the experience.

Thanks - Yellow Shirt

Timothy Archibald said...

hey...yellow shirt! you were great!
i am kinda bummed that everyone there didn't make the final edit...but it looked like yelp tried to make it fun for you all with thanks to stephanie for working all that out.

your girls? your friends or kids? who is freckles? tell! and thanks for making it out appreciated.

Unknown said...

I must say, coming from the design side, it's always hard to make an edit. So many solid options. And in this case, so many great looking people. We sure did appreciate everybody's efforts. Apologies to those who got clipped.