Thursday, January 28, 2010

In The Cafeteria

I was at the bank the other day and found this copy on the coffee table while I was waiting to open an account. Spectrum Magazine photo editor Randi Silberman had the idea of photographing the director of HP Labs Prith Banerjee in the company cafeteria because he really is a "man of the people" style CEO. The p.r. folks needed some convincing...but we really couldn't provide a good enoug reason to them for this approach. In the end I think they were so confused by the request they just surrendered. I never usually like the results of shooting these corporate guys, the shots always seem so "us and them". But this shot I kinda like. Sitting across the table from anyone really just seems to level the playing field and loosens everyone up.


Susana said...

fantastic! I envy you . . . I am so tired of shooting stiffies in neckties . . . I could stand upside down and have my shirt hanging down up to my neck and they would still stand there stonefaced . . . b/c believe me I've done almost that. And noone smokes cigars anymore to pluck from subjects mouth. Good Job T&A!

Timothy Archibald said...


That is hot. Thank you.