Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Morning

After not having used the Hassleblad together in a few months, my son Eli busted it out this morning and shot this polaroid of me with my phone. He wanted a new shot for his blog.
He is into texting and wanted a shot of someone texting, but asked me to look at the camera. We shoot it, he makes one exposure, we open the polaroid and were both were like " really beautiful..."


bird. said...

I told you long ago... he's on the path.


Erich Morton said...

Is it really too hard to provide a link to the photographer's site?


Erich Morton said...

Whoops, I did not see the hyperlink formatting.

Archibald, can you do me a favor and delete these comments so I don't look like such a goof?

Timothy Archibald said...

Erich- just leave'em. He will appreciate the link juice.

Darrell Eager said...

I like the "I took this photo of my dad with my Hasselblad". Not may boys his age have their own Hasselblad setup. Great shot!