Monday, September 29, 2008

Self Google

photograph by Chase Allgood

Digging deep into the art of Self Googling this weekend...

It was nice to have Tony Fouhse acknowledge Thomas Broening and I in his "10 +" list on An Art's always nice to know you are not invisible. Reading that TB's "cockrocking" phrase has spread north into Canada was a real good sign for the power of photography and our national spirit. TB's blog is something I read every single day, but I always felt that his readers were kinda mean-spirited or something. Were they really all tech oriented dudes who subscribe to View Camera Magazine? And they always seemed so willing to take a stab at him over the smallest thing. It always seemed to me that my readers all had master's degrees at the very least. I don't have a master's degree in anything, but my readers all do seem to be smarter than me. For whatever reason, they all seem to be on their best behavior. Rarely is there a full on attack.

These are pleasures and terrors of Self-Googling. One of the most flattering thing I found Self Googling was this, by photographer Chase Allgood, back in July. I think it is a great photograph, and of course I am flattered by the reference. It is titled "Psychic Break".

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