Thursday, September 18, 2008

Room With A View Redux

My son woke up at 2:00 am and told me he had thrown up in his bed. He did. I cleaned up his room and changed his clothes and he easily went back to sleep. The next morning I felt something was up. Something didn't feel right but it was very busy and I had to catch a flight to Las Vegas and couldn't concern myself with the details. The show must go on, right?
So we have Dramine and Extra Strength Tylenol and its all right here at the airport for me to grab. I gobble it all and its just not working. I'm shooting a story on a big deal chef out here, his time is valueable, and the budget is tight. I've hired a local assistant I didn't know. She meets me at the airport and I explain that I'm really hurting and she will need to kind of get everything in order as I just try to keep my head and stomach together. Please just drop me at the hotel, check me in and let me sit on the floor in the bathroom, ok?

HDTV in this beautiful hotel room has the banks collapsing. My blackberry is buzzing with the photo vultures watching every move of this Jill Greenberg/John McCain situation...her rep fired her!...they aren't gonna pay her!...I'm drawn to this stuff as much as it is repulsing me.

I wake up at midnight and empty my stomach. Fall asleep again. I wake again at 3:30 and do it again. I fall asleep again. Wake up at 6:30 to sunrise over the desert and distant Vegas strip. I feel it fading. Whatever it was has left.



Dave said...

Hope you feel better. Good luck on the shoot! The top picture in the post is awesome. I hate Vegas, but would love to roam free there with my camera for a few days. Does that make sense?

Robert Holmgren said...

The chef is gonna like you.

Anonymous said...

Jill Greenberg - I hope that names fades from photography soon. What an idiot!

William Anthony said...

All signs point to either the Norwalk virus or Jill Greenberg.

They both make a lot of people sick to their stomach.