Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lost Continent Exhibit

The exhibit is titled "Lost Continent" and features Kyle Cassidy, Sam Fentress, Alex Vertikoff and myself. Cassidy is the author of "Armed America", Vertikoff authored the classic "Weird Rooms", and Fentress authored "Bible Road". What's the link? All the artists are looking at America in a curious and affectionate type of way...showing and accepting the quirks and obsessions. Good company and an interesting collection for sure.
The show opens Thursday September 11th, 2008 at Todd / Browning Gallery.

Massive After-Party? Chateau Marmont on Sunset? Bungalow 22? Well...all of that did indeed have to be cancelled. Unfortunately I can't make it to the opening. There is a P.T.A meeting that my wife wants to go to and I need to stay with the kids that night. But I do encourage all of you in Los Angeles to check it out and tell me all about it, send out jpgs, all of that.


Kyle said...

totally. Sam Fentress is "on my label" and his book is fascinating -- I had the weird cool experience of seeing it in proof while at one of those "come meet the publicity team" meetings.

i myself will be at the Square Inch Gallery opening in manhattan that night but I do hope people send .jpegs.

your blog rocks by the way.

kyle (cassidy)

Rob Prideaux said...

BUT did you ever see the film, Lost Continent?