Friday, September 5, 2008


Sitting across the dinner table at Erik Almas' home last night, Brooke of Tidepool says " When you have a shot that is getting attention, you really just need to beat people over the head with it, show it to them every way you can!"
I am trying...
What is Flak Photo? Why is it called that odd name? It looks like an actual magazine, or like a high art magazine for online photography fans whom have graduated into a higher and more intellectual brand of photography...and I mean that in only the best way. Where Conscientious feels like you are going to grad school, Flak seems to be on a different, more consciously human channel.

Intelligent, slick and polished, elegant approachable design, it looks like a staff of 10 puts it out or something. But no, one guy, Andy Adams, and this is his manifesto: Flak promotes interesting visual approaches to seeing the world and celebrates the art of exhibiting quality photography online.

And that does indeed sum it up.

See my Sept. 1st shot on Flak HERE, see how great Flak is everyday HERE.

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