Thursday, September 11, 2008

End of ...The First Paid Blogger

Sorry to hear that Rachel Hulin and her PhotoShelter blog "Shoot - The Blog" have been given the pink slip and ceased production. But, while it lasted and congrats to Photo Shelter for even trying to pull off such a thing. The format, the voice, the general tone will be resurrected and copied somewhere in the blogosphere I'm sure....and R.H. defined herself as a curious combination of the Sex In The City gurl, an issue of Aperture, and The National Enquirer...and placed in a blender. What about the haters? Were there bitter vibes coming off the legions of unpaid photo bloggers during her tenure? Sometimes. This is photography, right? Can't have it without it...
Of course I liked her because she actually helped me perpetuate the illusion that I was really a player or here and here...but even without that, I thought her blog was a good thing that created a form of community around this previously invisible PhotoShelter entity.
Hulin is still blogging and being a photographer, keep up with her HERE.
photograph by Rachel Hulin


MikesRightBrain said...

I have been reading the "Shoot" blog for a long time (it was a big favorite of mine), and I am embarassed to say that I didn't even know that the blogger was female and so young. I assumed it was a much older photo-editor-y person. I'm sure I could have figured that out if I looked more closely... this is the downside of reading blogs mostly thru a newsfeed. You miss all the important stuff in the margins.

Keep up the wonderful blog, by the way... Your work is just fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Archibald, I want to hear your thoughts on this story on Jill Greenberg


Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Mike- Ya, Rachel was a really good writer and photo person...she should teach a class or something on how to love photography...and express it.
Erich---I dunno what to say about that Jill Greenberg thing. I love her work in general. She has often mixed politics with her art, such as the titles of the work in End Times...I always thought it kind of hurt how powerful the work was on its own...but that is her self expression...I can't really just pick and choose what I like about an artist, you know?