Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Art For Obama 2008 Benefit Auction

Oh, did you hear the banks are failing? Stock Market crashing? At least this blogging thing is free and can keep all of the un-employed photographers amused while they surf the net. Maybe a new president can help this situation? It would be nice to see what Barack Obama could do.
The bidding starts Wednesday October 1st at 5pm.
Buy some art from these luminaries and move things in a positive direction!

More in at http://www.artforobama.net/


Anonymous said...

Because photographers are experts at picking politicians and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Obama skill with large financial systems would be...

Obama's longest and most significant executive experience is as chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge where more than $100,000,000 was spent alledgedly to help Chicago schools. Why is it that his campaign avoids mentioning it? Is it because everyone describes the program as a failure or is it that the money was spent helping his radical friends? Answer: both.

Darrell Eager said...

$100,000,000.00 That's a lot exaggeration for anybody even anonymouse.

Anonymous said...

The Annenberg Foundation ponied up
$50 mil with the understanding that the recipient would match it. They did. It isn't an exaggeration.

Dave said...

Isn't the GOP paying operatives to post lies in the comments of blogs? I think they are getting paid by the post. Anonymous, if you aren't already getting paid I suggest you sign up. The economy is in shambles.