Thursday, July 17, 2008

Inside And Outside

Two pictures I didn't know what to do with...but sometimes when you've been away from a project you just need to start somewhere.


Anonymous said...


the pics of the boy are sick. stop acting and putting forth this idea that you are so lost and directionless and just keep making them and putting them around each other. why do you make yourself seem lost, goalless or under pressure? you only answer to you and your family. whining and all this hem and haw about what and for what exactly?


this worry about the greater WHY all the time has gained you what?

it's your boy, the images will never stop coming, he's your son, forever.

embrace him, embrace the images. keep shuffling, the answers will become clear on their own by the simple act of continuing to do what you're doing in creating them in the first place.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Anonymous-
Thanks for digging in. I think when a subject is all around you and access is everywhere, it is easy to fall into a routine of making the same images, shooting just because its there in front of you, and really spinning one's wheels as far as a project goes.
This project with my kid at times seems to have a story line, at least as far as I'm involved it does: what is up? problems at school? do we have a diagnosis? do we medicate the problem? are we medicating ourselves to try to understand this? is the problem just in our heads? what shall we do?
This is the stuff that, to me, allows this to be a project, rather than just a collection of snaps of my domestic situation. Sometimes i feel like a have a hold of the story and story line and can make images with intention, and sometimes I'm just doing to do. Just shooting to capture my kid at this point isn't really what i'm trying to do...I feel like at its best it has some structure.
Buy that? No worries, I hear where you are coming from as well.

colin pantall said...

With regards to shooting new stuff in different ways - I think sometimes it doesn't have to be that new. You can just shoot the same things again and again and little things will come through which are not the same things or that point in a new direction. And that gives everything a structure which is what it all comes down to in the end - but then maybe it's too much of a structure. But if you don't have a structure , how can you join the photographic dots and make the connections that lead to coherence and understanding?

Think of your work as a sculpture (which is a lot better than a dot to dot drawing) - you chip here and you chip there and it doesn't make sense at first but the more you chip, the more it comes together. So the structure can seem fairly distant at times. And if you work on a subconscious level, then it's even more distant and not everybody is going to get it.

Timothy Archibald said...

I hear you Colin- you are into just doing the work willy nilly, letting instinct flow and not over thinking anything...then edit it down and try to make sense of it all. That is indeed an approach, similar to what Anonymous is refering to ...though stated differently.
I'm all into that, but its either hard to loosen up enough to just let go and vomit photography or its hard to stay on the channel as well. The middle is easy, both extremes are the tricky part to maintain. For me at least!

colin pantall said...

I'm saying the opposite, Tim - don't photograph willy-nilly, but go with the flow you are on and pursue the themes that emerge from the differences. Let instinct flow over the train of thought you are already on in other words.

Anonymous said...

i never said it was simple or a collection of snaps, just keep working as you are. the stories you mention and share, are the road maps for the images, they are not willy nilly, more a softly guided hap hazard path that is what your life follows even if unknown, the concerns and questions that weigh on your brain dictate the images directions and flavor each time you make them. trust yourself more as the level of introspection you are sharing, the lack of confidence and continuing self doubt, while however valid and important, will make some question why they care about the images when the father/creator is so unsure the point and its validity. you are creating the myth that they are simple, willy nilly and may or may not be important or useful to even yourself.

Timothy Archibald said...

"you are creating the myth that they are simple, willy nilly and may or may not be important or useful to even yourself."

Good point above there, Anonymous.
TB had commented that calling the project "weird pictures of my kid" leads the viewer to a place of trivializing the body of work, rather than pushing the viewers to take these things more honestly and sincerely...and in the end I have ditched that title, really for those reasons.

Good dialogue here, above, for sure.

Anonymous said...

The picture on the left has something few pictures have...soul.
Enough said.