Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home Lab Part 2

Home Photo Lab Envelope, July 2008


ingalbraith said...

just want you to know..this series you're working on with the scans and your son and whatnot...i can dig it...big time.

Timothy Archibald said...

hi i.n.-
thanks alot for reaching out and saying that nice thing you said.
your work is real interesting, i'm guessing you do not have kids, correct? can i ask why you relate to this project? i'm trying to figure out whom it speaks to and why, and i tend to assume the peoeple who like it have kids and are caught up in the being a parent situation i am in. sorry to use you as a test subject, but you looked like a good one. lemme know if you care to and thanks again for sharing your sentiments.

ingalbraith said...

oh by all means...i guess for me it's not a matter of relating. because i can't, i don't have kids. for me, it's the juxtaposition of the image with the me the scans are artifacts, scientific evidence, data. the images are taken out of a larger context..side by side then seem to relate to, and support each other. like i said, i don't have kids yet, but i can appreciate the curiosity regarding the brain/life of a child. maybe one day when i have kids i can look back on this series and it'll take on a different taste, but until then i like that it's a window i can look in to....i hope that makes sense. i know how it makes me feel, i might have done a poor job of explaining it.