Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CA! well, no....

Communication Arts Photo Annual appears in mailboxes around the nation this week. Always the big thing that all working photographers are aspiring to get into to spread the word of their great work and commercial viability. Of course I always try to get in that thing...but no luck this year, sorry to say.

What did show up in the mailbox yesterday was the book that was produced for HIJACKED Volume One, Australia and America. I've blogged about it previously when the exhibition was at the ACP, and then in NY...and by now I forgot the book was even the thing they were trying to put together in the first place. It's kind of striking and beautifull, as cliched as those words tend to be when discussing a photography book. Weird feeling seeing these images that are directly about my life published in this kind of glossy coffee table book...kind of felt naked for a moment, but there is lots of stuff in there to distract the masses: 2 essays, interviews with every artist, and stuff from lots of pals who've crossed pathes with this blog: Zipco, Poling, Small, Juniper and others. It's fun to look at and far, far away from the world of photography commerce. Really, its better! Spend your money and buy it HERE.

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