Saturday, July 12, 2008

Colorado Springs

Spent days in the wilderness last week, came home, celebrated the 4th of July and a long weekend, and then headed out to Colorado Springs to photograph Olympic Greco-Roman wrestler T.C. Dantzler. Bad vibes on the horizon: all of this travel was upsetting my domestic balance, this sense of equilibrium my wife and kids and I try to maintain was slipping away. Dantzler and his wife were on the verge of having a baby at any moment, and once that occured...things would need to be rescheduled and no one really knew if the shot could be done at all at that point. We get to Colorado and it is pouring rain.
The crew was Suzy Poling, Christina Kiffney and myself. A kind of massive day amidst 3 locations, finishing the shoot at the Olympic Training Center where we build a studio out of wrestling dummies and wrestling mats. We are done, its been a long couple of days. How to shift gears after the shoot? A beer? Food? I dunno. Kind of lost, kind of brain dead, we drive thru the town. See a giant inflatable ice cream cone on the roof of BJ's Velvet Freeze, we pull over for ice cream. Here, right next door to the ice cream place is The Crystal Sage Healing Center. The sign reads "Chakra Re-alignments : $20." Do we really need ice cream?
We walk in to the Center and Poling orders directly from the sign: "Two please. Let him go first, he's never done this before."


Dizzy Flores said...

But what if the chakra re-alignment confuses your artistic sense? You have to read the fine print with those crystal healers.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Dizzy-
No fine print, no signiture, it was a cash transaction. Felt kind of blissed out after the re-alignment if I had nothing to do, felt typically stressed out if something stressful occured, like a traffic situation or somthing like that. did do something...and put things in perspective.