Monday, May 5, 2008

Note From The Party

I'm away in Phoenix, AZ for 3 days, working on a story for On Earth Magazine...real people, real places, I'm looking forward to pulling out of real life and entering the bubble of this project. Above is a note to my wife at a party yesterday.


Kevin said...

A couple of Phoenix suggestions, for what it's worth: Lux, a great coffeehouse and good place to work w/ free wifi, Lola's, a cozy tapas joint, and a hike up Piestewa Peak if you have the energy...

max s. gerber said...

this is essentially the note i write in my head to myself every time i have to go to a party.

have fun in phoenix. careful with southwest airlines. i flew them last weekend with a layover in phoenix and they lost my light case.

Paul Gero said...

going back to the old haunts, eh??

let us know how it goes?


colin pantall said...

Hi Tim:

This is looking like the notes Keith Arnatt's wife used to write when he was at the pub.

The notes and sidelines seemed to have taken over - as a reflection of your experience of family life and your son. You could mix this up a little with more direct portraits of your son - the ones you have at present are from your perspective. Perhaps something direct, even if he's hiding, could show more of him than the project has at present.

It seems like it's turning in a different direction though.

Hope it all went well on the shoot.