Saturday, May 10, 2008

Equilibrium 2

Walking thru the park with the Mom of my son's friend. Her son was recently expelled from his after school program for placing a bag over a fellow student's head. When interviewed about the act, he explained that he was trying to kill her in her sleep. The Mom, of course, was called immediately. He can't really explain why he responded in that way, but was expelled for one day.
The light is beautiful right now. The air feels great and smells like jasmine. It's five o'clock, the shadows are long, we pass a couple in their late twenties, laying on a blanket on the grass playing with their baby. She points them out and laughs:
They really don't even see it coming, do they? They really have no idea.

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RexFlex said...

every day something like that event happens across the country by the thousands . if people want to do something of the highest equity of charity, substitute teach in the local school district. I do and work with special needs kids. parents work all day at their jobs and then come home and work the rest of the day with their children. the light at the end of the tunnel is light-years away. I see it everyday. What is going to happen to these children as they become young adults? Why does our society place such a low priority on funding to help these kids NOW, not just passing it on down the line and hoping that someone else will assume the responsibility? When in actuality the cost to our society will be far greater. Encourage anyone you know that looks like they have one extra day in their schedules or some extra vacation days to get signed up and substitute as a special needs instructional assistant and spend a day with these kids. One spark of inspiration or even the child just having a "good" day could mean more hope in their parents lives. Make it a duty. It is the most rewarding and positive thing anyone could possible do. Help bring more patience to the system and recognize if we don't deal with it on an individual basis, one child at a time RIGHT NOW,the rest of us are just shamefully creating our own selfish, vacuumesque, diminished, artificial lives at unfathomable expense to us all.