Saturday, May 24, 2008

Letter, Tooth & Paper Mask

I made both of these images this week. They don't really go together, but I liked the idea that maybe the boy was imagining what the tooth fairy would look like.


Charles said...

Nice-) On discovering these images didn't find that they don't really go together. I love the note. Silly question: Did you choose to burn the sky above the fence?

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi Charles-
The sky? I left it bright like it is, white and blank, but that is probably what made me want to try to pair it with this sheet of paper. Just graphically I hoped it would look good together. Then we had the white of the sky take up half the frame, which plays into this equilibrium idea that comes and goes throughout the project her and there, so then I gave it a try. How's that? Too much information?

Charles said...

Not at all - thanks:)