Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hijacked Exhibition at Australian Centre for Photography

The exhibition, book and all around mulit media extravaganza that is Hijacked : Volume One is now out as a book, closed as an exhibition, but alive on the net via snapshots, press and Jack Pam videos that appear here, there and everywhere on the net and all.

An interesting collection of work: alot of what I refer to as contemporary street photography, kind of real found moments with the feel of a nod to the snapshot aesthetic. My two pieces, ( Notes From The Appointment + Band Aid, 2007 and Self Portrait with Envelope and Prescription, 2007 ) seen at bottom on the right hand side, seemed out of place in the book due to their conceptual nature, but I always enjoy being the odd one out. The exhibit seemed to make them fit in just fine though...these are always two very different things. Here are some shots from the exhibit, lucky to find my work among the snaps.

Here is who is who:


Michael Dooney said...

Saw this one when it was featured as part of the FotoFreo2008 Photography Festival ( a few weeks ago, definitely one of the highlights.

Was also great to see some familiar work online in print form on the walls.

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