Friday, January 18, 2008

The Photographs Not Taken

Will Steacy approached me sometime in the middle of the summer about writing an essay for a project he is working on titled The Photographs Not Taken. Of course, without a deadline, this stuff never gets done. Got a note from him back in December as my personal and occupational Guernica is at it's peak, with word that we have a needs to be done by the year's end. OMG, WTF?

Photog's live by deadlines, so here we go, next thing you know it's done and now gathered.

Artists contributing to this project include Alec Soth , Amy Elkins, Amy Stein, Andrew Moore , Benjamin Donaldson , Brian Ulrich , Chris Jordan , Christian Patterson , Debbie Fleming Caffery , Eirik Johnson, Elinor Carucci , Grant Willing , John Movius , Laura McPhee , Lewis Watts , Lisa Kereszi , Matt Salacuse , Michael Harlan Turkell , Misty Keasler , Nina Berman, Peter Riesett , Rachael Dunville , Rian Dundon , Simon Roberts , Tim Davis, Timothy Archibald , and Todd Deutsch.

Spend some time digging in ...I think you'll be moved by these stories from all these folks below. The site for the project with all of the essays is HERE. Read my essay, circa 1984 HERE, and see below photograph for reference.


Anonymous said...

Is that you on the left?

Anonymous said...

Wearing women's eyewear?

Timothy Archibald said...

Jc-yes, that is myself and my older brother Jim, around the era the essay refers to.

Regarding the fashion:
Don't worry, its all good.

Darrell Eager said...

Thanks for the direct to The Photographs not Taken project. I found it amazing.
Most of my best images were shot with an empty camera.