Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil has been in the news this week.

What better time than share with y'all the Dr. Phil / M&M ad we shot back in November?

From The Associated Press:

Dr. Phil's planned sitdown Monday with Britney Spears' parents dissolved into accusations he was exploiting the troubled singer's emotional crackup.

The TV host insisted he canceled the taping with Jamie and Lynne Spears "because the Spears situation is too intense at this time, and out of consideration to the family."

The show was to air Tuesday.


Thomas Broening said...

Ok. Let me get this straight. You are taking credit for the "portrait" of Dr Phil as a M and M.

80% of the frame is taken up by the CGI rendering created by some one else.

Half the background ,which you indeed shot, is the floor whose most interesting characteristic is a shadow put in by some one else.

So when it comes down to it you were paid to shoot two chairs and half a sign and they are not even in focus! WTF!!

I bow down.

Timothy Archibald said...


Yes, I think your take on this job was accurate, though the Dr. Phil sign was also created in post production.

So...what did I really get paid for here? I think they hired me for what we all called "my storytelling abilities", which as essentially creating a relationship between the CGI Phil, the chairs and the set, so that there seemed to be some sort of visual conversation going on between the elements. And then working with the set builder, stylists and post production guy to make it all harmonize and look like my sensibility. Think of it more like being a movie director, less like being a sports photographer, and it might make a little more sense. Plus, people like coming out to SF, its a cool city, the weather was sweet those days, we tried to make it fun for sometimes that factors into it as well.

Any other questions?

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