Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tis The Season...

'Tis the season for friends, good cheer....and the firing of one's rep. Heads are rolling through the snowdrifts of Manhattan and the chilly streets of SF. It seems like every day or so I'm getting a call from a commercial photographer who has opted out of his working relationship with his representative. Is it the holiday blues? Does it involve some severance pay loophole? I dunno, but here is a short list:

Mark Holthusen pushes the button on Tidepool Reps.

John Loomis bids farewell to Redux Pictures.

Thomas Broening says it's splitsville to Heather Elder Represents.

Douglas Adesko lays to waste both John Kenny on the east coast and Freda Scott on the west in favor of Deborah Schwartz in LA.

Andrew Hetherington finds the exit door as well from Redux Pictures.

And then....whose repping my fav Catherine Ledner these days, what with her book ANIMAL HOUSE blowing up all over the place....?


SAWblog said...


Something tells me that we will look back on this as the short list! ;-)

Thanks for bringing a dark subject to light. Alas.

Sad? ... ya
Ironic? ... nah

Ah, the desire:

Happy holidaze.

cheers, Stephen

p.s. Keep up the wicked honest blogging; it’s refreshing.

Timothy Archibald said...

Hey Stephen-
Thanks for reaching out and reading the blog. Kinda borrowed the tone of that post from http://bitterphotographer.blogspot.com, but since he has gone silent, someone needs to carry the torch now and then.