Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Blue Nail Polish #2


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim- Hmm. Its all interesting and coming together as a story. Recently i have to say i liked the kind of "normal" image of your "kid" through the window. Seemed like a human natural picture- but sort of out of the project you are working on. I think it might be interesting for you to put together a page with all of your kid pictures and scans in this series that you think are working. Maybe just a second blog-- but it would be nice to see them all in a sequence without all the posts and thoughts so you could start to judge them as a group and just on the basis of the image.

Oh- also i wanted to mention a photographer to you for your list (i don't have Campo anymore by the way but THANKS for including me in the list)..Matthew Monteith. A new favorite of mine

Timothy Archibald said...

Hi E-
Hey, good point that other have asked for as well: just lay out the images in some web situation somewhere and see what stays and/or goes...and allow others to reference the thing as well.
Yes, yes, in the works for 2008.
Thanks for MM's work...I'll check it out.


Charles said...

Happy New Year T.A.! Wishing you an exciting and fructuous 2008:-)

Timothy Archibald said...

Thanks Charles, same to you.
Since you are such a regular here, could you tell us all something about yourself?

Charles said...

Sure! What to say? I'm a young Australian, Been living in Belgium for about the past 10 years after coming here to study photography. I get excited about photography and music (playing viola in a small orchestra, learning oboe, violin, and piano).

Over the years I have worked as a photographer in a number of different fields, I have also been an assistant for a local advertising photographer. Haven't found a job in photography that I feel comfortable with so I prefer paying the rent from something completely different!
Nowadays I'm working in a wholesale jewellery shop which leaves me three days a week to work on my photos and music, it's been over a year now, and it feels like a pretty good balance.

Have had a couple brushes with teaching of late, fascinating to see the other side of the coin. Teaching seems a great way to keep learning... I'm a subscriber of the Beuys ""every man is an artist" and the definition of an artist ''par excellence'' is a teacher" theory.

I also tend to talk a lot (particularly when asked to present myself)! If you want to see a bit I have a website (albeit slightly out of date and mildly dysfunctional ;-), feel free to click on over to www.charlesklein.net

Charles said...

I also have been known to abuse quotation marks instead of learning why my html italics weren't working ;-)