Monday, December 10, 2007


 denying the influence of the Wendy McMurdo shot below with the kid enveloped in the giant bubble... and then a shot so you can see my kid without all the theatrical stuff:


colin pantall said...

Kid blowing bubbles reminds me of Mark Cohen again.

Timothy Archibald said...

Oh, for sure, bubbles and hands. He had that great shot of the girl blowing a bubble with someone sticking an open hand behind her head.
I loved his work, but I classified it as street photography, rather than someone who dug deep into one particular subject...his stuff was about a way of seeing I think.
So, Colin, you gotta get a blog so we can see some new shots!

colin pantall said...

Absolutely a way of seeing - I interviewed him a couple of years back and his work was all about getting in close to the point of antagonism - but in a nice kind of way if that's possible - a cuddly Bruce Gilden if that makes sense.

A blog! Oo-er mister, don't know about that. I like keeping things slow - slow is good.