Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Interview with Myself, part 2

So, what is up with all of these photographs of pills?

TA: Well, this is only the second one. That's not really too many, is it?

No, not yet, but I'm seeing a pattern and wondering if it is intentional.

TA: Oh, for sure, I see where you are coming from. I guess my original intention was to level the playing field a bit. If I was analyzing the details from my son's life, I figured it would only be fair to look at myself as well. My coping mechanisms, the things I may use to keep things together. Then, last week, we had a doctor's appointment for my son where they suggested putting him on a strong mood stabilizer. It kind of scared us, we thought it was overkill that this super strong drug would be needed to assist a little kid, and it just made me think. I found a hand full of pills in my pocket a friend had given me and thought it merited a photograph.

I see. So this is how you find your subject matter? Wouldn't it be more interesting to go out into the world and find a subculture or something? Again, aren't you taking the easy way out?

TA: Yeah, for sure. But sometimes it helps to learn to look at what is right in front of you. Do you buy that?

No, not really. But thank you for your time.


Charles said...

Thats pretty harsh!

Anonymous said...

Did someone interview you, or is this your subconcious talking?

Anonymous said...


Your photos of pills really hit home for me. I have tried some myself, but, frankly, they are not very good.

You see, I am a former triathete and cyclist who now suffers from severe chronic pain as a result of an injury and two failed neurosurjuries to repair it. Just to avoid suic ide-inducing levels of pain (literally), I have to swallow a boatload of pills a day. And then more pills to counter the side effects of the pills. And so on. It really is obscene.

But my problem is shared by millions of North Americans today. Not the pain per se, but a pill for everything that ails us and some things that don't. I think it's time an enterprising photographer does a photo essay on different people and the shear amount of prescription medication they take every day, several times a day. The pharmaceutical companies are rolling in the daisies.

Timothy Archibald said...

Thanks for posting. Your take on these things comes from a totally different place, so its real refreshing. Good idea about a photo essay about Americans and Pharmaceuticals...great concept but not really for me...though someone would do a great job on that.

Hope you find a way to deal with your situation. How did you find this blog?

Just curious. Take care-