Monday, May 28, 2012

Whacked Out Book I'm Flattered To Be In

What is GRADHIVA ?

Oh, well...just follow the link and try to read it and it'll all be clear. And its still kind of confusing to me as well.

Gradhiva: Revue d'anthropologie et d'histoire des arts is the proper name and issue 15 just came out with the daunting title Robots Estrangement Humains. Beautiful art and photography from deep in history to everything of now. Happy to see them include images from both my projects Sex Machines and Robots Are Real.

My images are up top and at the bottom here. Also included here is the cover photograph of David McGoran's "Heart Robot" photographed by Ben Dowden and the historical photograph by Nihon Robotto Soseiki.

Read about it, buy it, all of that HERE.

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Unknown said...

Darn, it's all in French, I would love to read that book! Very cool that the robot photos were featured.