Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mothership Connection

TIME Magazine's Mother's Day issue dedicated to all that is Attachment Parenting hit the newstands today with extremely memorable images by Martin Schoeller on'll see'em soon enough I'm sure. And if you don't know about the term Attachment Parenting...well it's all in there.

Me? I knew all about it.

I got to spend the span of two days with Erica Kain and her daughters to create a photo essay on a Mom who was raising three girls embracing and rejecting the values of this philosophy. I'm interested in the ebb and flow of parenting and all the internal struggles it throws at really shooting this story was just like waking up and living life.

Kinda different for me to play the role of the documentary photographer. In the middle of the day this story came out a photographer friend points out the point that the whole story is on Motherhood with a capital M...and the photographers on this story, the cover story and the story on Dr. Sears were all guys. Could TIME not find a woman to share her perspective ? Very good points there that I'm sure will surface out there on the internet horizon. Food for thought for sure.

Here are some images from the story...above and below. Enjoy...and see the whole package HERE.