Wednesday, May 23, 2012

At Least One LOL, But...

After launching "How The Chicken Conquered The World", Smithsonian Magazine published an interview with Molly Roberts, Shannon Amos and myself about the creation of the photographs. Titled "Chickens Dressed Like Napoleon, Einstein and Other Historical Figures: Get the story behind these absurd portraits and how they came to be." Written by Megan Gambino, the story went live on on Monday.

Checking it out on Wednesday, I found this priceless series of responses on the Smithsonian Magazine FB comment page. All opinions are welcome and valid, of course:

  • How very bizarre.
  • I personally find this quite offensive.
  • Really Smithsonian Magazine?! Shame.
  • Bizarre, offensive, and stupid. Some guy gets paid for this?
  • I was actually entertained by the article! I sent it to several friends and family. Lighten up people.
  • So this is what we do with our food?
  • Those were hilarious!
  • If I wanted this sort of story I would have liked Cracked or The Onion instead of Smithsonian Magazine. I certainly hope this isn't signaling the dumbing down of the page.
  • Disturbing. I will not share this one with my Vegan friends. LOL.
  • Why did Smithsonian waste the time fabricating the costumes and waste the food on this lame posting? Please find something interesting next time.
  • Interesting concept, next time leave the heads on them.
  • Didn't see this one coming.
  • This, from the Smithsonian? no... :|
  • I HATE THIS. Smithsonian shame on you. Not amusing. Offensive.
 Read the whole story about the creation of the photographs for "How The Chicken Conquered The World" HERE.

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