Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Otto Bock / Chicago

Ed Lezza / Lezza and Sons / Chicago, Illinois

Always happy when one of my favorite images makes it thru the edit and ends up in the final ad. This portrait of Ed Lezza had everything I wanted it to have: a timeless old world feel, a chunk of Ed's charm, and a subtle acknowledgement that Ed's wearing a Otto Bock C-Leg.

The thing I always respected about this campaign was the subtlety that was woven into the project. Sometime's we'd see the subject's prosthetic leg...sometimes we wouldn't. We'd let this issue present itself in the photographs the way it works in real life. Advertising is usually about the product, the lifestyle, something you are supposed to want. Otto Bock allowed us to just present the lives of their customers. By choosing that path, they allowed us to create some truly human photographs.


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