Monday, January 24, 2011

7x7 Out Takes

Ginger Murray / Publisher of Whore Magazine, 12/2010

As the year skidded to an end I had a great time shooting a portrait series for art director Ben Hardiman at 7 x 7 here in SF. I'm eager to get my hands on the issue sometime this week and see what they did with a somewhat controversial opening image we more on that later in the week. But for now I wanted to share these two portraits of what I saw as powerful women: Ginger Murray and Louise Brizendine. I thought they kinda complimented each other. Veronica Sjoen of Artist Untied did the make up here and I really thought it made all the difference.m

Dr. Louise Brizendine / Author of The Female Brain, 12/2010


bird. said...

Rad. Will keep an look out. . .

bird. said...

A look out. Will keep A look out. I talk good, I sawear.